This is a Sport for Everyone

A sport for all people

The shooting sports is an all-inclusive sport for people of all ages and genders. While many people that re not familiar with the sport believe that all people in the sport just shoot a gun, at paper target this is not the case. The shooting sports has many facets, all of which are open to young and old, man or women, in fact it is one of the only sports that treat men and women as well as young and old equally. It is the only recreational sport in which young and old can participate on an equal basis without handicap or advantages brought about by financial means.

Since sport shooting can be enjoyed by young and old alike, it is truly a lifelong multi-generational sport. A sport in which up to four generations of a family can actually participate and compete equally, without the need for handicap or adjustment of scores for age or gender. At BRRC we recognize and strongly support this aspect of the sport with activities dedicated to specific interests including juniors and support for women entering and participating in the sport.

The shooting sports have something for everyone through diversification into specialized interest activities called disciplines, each of which has its own rules and regulations detailing how the sporting activities should be carried out. These specializations range from Olympic rules target shooting to re-creation of the character and appearance of the old west, from the use of the newest firearms designs to the use and study of the original black powder firearms. All of these activities are carried out in a safe and friendly environment into which everyone is welcome. Many of the more demanding disciplines have ranking systems with special awards for different age and genders but any age or gender can complete head to head in any of the disciplines should they desire.

Here is a list of the disciplines supported at BRRC. Once a new sport gains sufficient popularity new disciplines are added. If you are interested in any of these activities or just want to enjoy a day at the range, BRRC offers a friendly environment in which support and assistance for improvement in your selected activity is always present.

If you are interested in any of these disciplines feel free to contact the disciplines leader via email and learn how you can become involved.