Getting your Firearms License

Firearms license process and information

In order to purchase or own a firearm, one must take and pass a government administered firearms safety course. There are two courses. The first that everyone must take is the Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) course. This is a one day course the teaches firearms safety as related to long guns (rifles and shotguns). This is a one day course with a test.

The second course which usually occurs immediately after the PAL course and is also one day with a test is the Restricted PAL, (RPAL). This course pertains to the purchase and ownership of smaller firearms such as handguns and some restricted access long guns. It is recommended that you take both courses as they are run sequentially and the processing of the application occurs at the same time. BRRC requires members to hold a valid RPAL since we accommodate handguns in many of our disciplines.

How long does it take to obtain a license?

In general it can take up to 7 months to receive your license once you have passed the PAL/RPAL course test.

Are there age limitations for obtaining a license?

Persons as young as 12 may take the firearms safety courses but will be given a youth license which has certain limitations and is valid up to age 18. After 18 they will receive a full PAL/RPAL without a further test or requirement to take a course.

Since the shooting sports is a family friendly activity we suggest that the entire family take the PAL/RPAL courses at the same time if possible so that all can fully and safely participate in the many fun family activities that are available in the sport.

How do I take the course - they appear to be hard to get into?

Many people find it difficult to locate a course opening to take the PAL/RPAL courses. If you are having difficulty, contact and you will be provided with some options that have typically offered quick access to the course due to their regular and reliable schedule.