Do you offer family memberships?

We offer a discount for one associate member per household where there is already a full member. An associate can be a spouse, partner or child.

Do I require a license to shoot?

To become a full member at BRRC you must have your RPAL. To shoot with a member as a guest you do not need to have a licence as the member will be within arms reach at all times.

What is the age requirement to shoot?

Our junior program runs on Saturdays for children from the age of eleven to eighteen (twenty, if competing) to shoot air pistols. Children over the age of twelve may choose to shoot air pistol or .22 caliber.

Individuals eighteen years and older must obtain their RPAL to apply to become a full member.

Are you open to the public?

At this time we are not open to the public unless the individual is sponsored by a member. Each member may bring up to four guest(s) at $20 per guest.

Do I need my own gun to shoot on the range?

Our range is only open to members and they must bring their own firearms and ammunition to use while at the range.

How large of a caliber can I shoot on the range?

The backstop is rated for all legal ammunition and calibres; including pistol, rifle and shotgun (slugs only). .50BMG specifically and all steel-core, tracer, incendiary, explosive and armor-piercing projectiles are not allowed.