Welcome to Range Burlington The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club was established in 1954 and grown from 50 members to its present level of 3000+ members.
Private instruction is available for beginner as well as advanced levels.


Range Burlington (also known as, The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club) is a non-profit club incorporated and registered with the province of Ontario. The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club was established in 1954 and grown from 50 members to its present level of 3000+ members.

Identification Badges

The club is issuing all members with a photo I.D. access card. These Photo ID cards are issued to each member after passing the Burlington Rifle and Revolver safety course.

Range Safety Course

Range Safety Course is Mandatory for all New Members. It is designed to instruct Safe Gun handling procedures and range protocols required by the Club. The course will reinforce the Gun Handling procedures known as ACTS and PROVE.


Membership fees are due on your birth date. The Club provides a spousal/associate membership. The Junior Section has a separate fee schedule.

The Club has the following programs


The Black Powder Section is dedicated to our heritage by use of historical firearms. One may observe and participate in the use of muzzle loading, ... Read More


The Bullseye Pistol Section shoot the International (ISSF) or Olympic pistol events. All shooting is done one-handed, unsupported, using iron sight... Read More


The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Section is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of accuracy, speed and power are... Read More


The Junior programme starts at 8yrs on Air Pistol only. At age 12 they are given the option to shoot air pistols or a .22 calibre rifle. The progra... Read More


Police Pistol competition involved shooting targets from various distances (3,7,15,25, and 50 yards) in a variety of positions and under different ... Read More


This section promotes the art of small-bore (rimfire) and full bore (center fire) rifle shooting at Range Burlington. Rifle shooters develop marksm... Read More


Firearms Permitted: All types of legal rifles and handguns in centre-fire and rim-fire calibres. Full automatic firearms may not be used at Range Burlington

  • Ammunition: All types of legal ammunition with the following exceptions: Absolutely no armor piercing, incendiary, tracer or Steel core or Steel Jacketed projectiles, in any Calibre, are permitted on the range. No 50 BMG calibre allowed .
  • Shotguns may be used from the ports with solid projectiles (slugs) only.
  • Firing distances: a minimum of 10 meters from the shooting ports to 50 meters at the backstop.
  • Downrange shooters must maintain a minimum of 10 meters from the backstop to minimize backsplash hazard.
  • Targets permitted: paper targets and steel reactive targets. All steel targets must be shrouded to minimize backsplash and be placed at the backstop. Steel targets may only be used during shooting disciplines and under the supervision of a club director.
  • Targets must be hung in such a way that all rounds hit the backstop.
  • If you observe an unsafe condition you can also submit by writing BOD@rangeBurlington.ca