The ventilation work at the range is complete

The ventilation work at the range is complete and airflows are confirmed as being the 150 to 200 ft/min specification. This is important for our technical presentation related to COVID-19. The range is now usable.

The province has mandated the requirement for vaccines passes at some facilities. Our interpretation is that BRRC is not covered under those requirement provided that only members in good standing are using the range. We have asked the club lawyer to advise on this aspect of the regulation and they have told us that they should have an update early next week (week of sept 27).

The lawyers have further recommended that unless we can have someone at the range for the 24hrs of operation that we should temporarily close for a few days while they confirm how to deal with this situation. We are working with the lawyers on obtaining full access for everyone, but it will take a few days to sort it out.

This is particularly sensitive since other ranges in the area have been visited by their respective health departments who have checked the vaccine certificate process. The lawyers have made this request to avoid the club facing charges related to the vaccine pass regulations which would then have to be dealt with in court and could affect a quick resolution to the problem we face.

If we have someone checking for vaccine passes for now, the club can be accessed by those that have a certificate. We are trying to eliminate this requirement but for now, while the lawyers are working on the issue, this will allow limited access for some. If there are volunteers to check vaccine passes for members that come to the range, we can open for the time periods where we have someone available to do this.

If someone is interested in volunteering to check vaccine pass of members coming to use the range, please email with the times and dates that you can attend so that the range can be made available to vaccinated members. The times that we have volunteers will be posted on this website and on the twitter feed. (brrc_2021)

The Club has the following programs


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Firearms Permitted: All types of legal rifles and handguns in centre-fire and rim-fire calibres. Full automatic firearms may not be used at Range Burlington

  • Ammunition: All types of legal ammunition with the following exceptions: Absolutely no armor piercing, incendiary, tracer or Steel core or Steel Jacketed projectiles, in any Calibre, are permitted on the range. No 50 BMG calibre allowed .
  • Shotguns may be used from the ports with solid projectiles (slugs) only.
  • Firing distances: a minimum of 10 meters from the shooting ports to 50 meters at the backstop.
  • Downrange shooters must maintain a minimum of 10 meters from the backstop to minimize backsplash hazard.
  • Targets permitted: paper targets and steel reactive targets. All steel targets must be shrouded to minimize backsplash and be placed at the backstop. Steel targets may only be used during shooting disciplines and under the supervision of a club director.
  • Targets must be hung in such a way that all rounds hit the backstop.
  • If you observe an unsafe condition you can also submit by writing